Self-Destructing Messaging

Self-destructing messages are messages that erase themselves after the recipient reads them.

Here is how it works:
  1. Write your message and enter the email address of the recipient.
  2. The message is encrypted with a random passphrase and stored on the server. The passphrase is embedded in the link to open the message.
  3. When the recipient clicks on the link, this website decrypts the message and in the same step, erases the message.

Send a message:


  • The passphrase is not stored and the message is never stored in decrypted form, so it is impossible for the administrator to reveal the message after it is sent.
  • If someone opens your email in your inbox before you, they will be able to read the message.
  • The read URL contains a hash of the original message. This is used to verify that the message has not changed since it was sent -- as might happen if the database used to store the messages was hacked or compromised.

Cautions & Disclaimers

  • It may be possible for force the operator of the website (either by a lawful court order or by compromising our security) to reveal the message without notifying the original recipient if the sent email is available - for example, if someone has access the inbox of the recipient. (Read More)
  • If you wish to recieve information securily and anonymously, we suggest you use CryptAByte's messaging service. If you wish to anonymously share information and understand the risks involved, you can use this service.
  • We may store the sender's IP address and recipient email address to prevent abuse of this service. The mail server itself may also keep a record of the recipients email address while it is being sent.